papegoja’s 100% cotton & organic kids clothing is made from a natural fibre, is a natural balance of soy and other grains, which are blended together to create unique and environmentally friendly kids organic clothes, that is kind to your kids skin.

Our Philosophy

It all comes down to a very special ingredient: papegoja fibre! Inspired by the edamme bean, we have been working to develop the right compositions to ensure that every piece of kids clothing has a little drop of goodness. Naturally simple, our papegoja kids clothing philosophy stems from the idea that truly rich, nutrient-filled fibres come from the ground. Only nature with its highly complex and sophisticated equilibrium can achieve the perfect balance of proteins and anti-bacterial properties that benefit us and our kids skin. So we try to have as little involvement as possible and let nature work its magic!

How It’s Made

100% chemical free, papegoja organic kids clothing is made using a mechanical process which extracts the liquid proteins, called okara, from the soy bean. This is then mixed with viscose, which is derived from cotton husks. The new mixture is wet spun very quickly and then squeezed through a spinnaret that produces the long strands of fibre. Once these strands are dried, they can be plied together or blended with other fibres or spun straight into yarn. As there are no nasty chemicals being added at any stage, the yarn retains all those lovely nutrients in the bean that are so good for sensitive skin. Consequently, Papegoja kids clothes has a total of 18 amino acids which prevent any irritation and soothes away soreness as well as rejecting nasty bacteria from getting near your child.